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Transforming your workplaces and portfolio to support hybrid work models isn’t for the weak at heart. We’re here to help you navigate though of the key pillars of workplace transformation. We shape hybrid workplaces with corporations around the world. We integrate strategic consulting, real estate expertise, and technology implementation to shape your hybrid workplace.

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Workplace transformation is a marathon, not a sprint, and will require sustained, intentional effort over time, but many are struggling to know where to get started. We are to help — whether you are looking for guidance to help your organization transition to hybrid work, would like a speaker for an upcoming event, or are a publication looking for an expert to speak to about the future of work.

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Hybrid work has a durable presence as corporations across the world pivot their workplace strategies to fit their corporate purpose. If you’d like to join our team working directly with the leading companies shaping the future of work for a better world. Apply now.