Facilities management 2.0

Maintaining safe & efficient facilities

Throughout COVID-19, facilities managers have been relied on to keep facilities open, clean, safe, and operating despite increasingly tough and changing conditions. With return to office and the rise of hybrid work, FM protocols will require more flexible, centralized, and cost-efficient models. Emerging technologies and processes will improve the flexibility and safety of facilities and operations while improving efficiency and efficacy of operations.

Esnure safety & trust

Minimize transmission risk & maintenance in hotspots

There are many ways for facility management to support health, safety, and wellness—from facilitating distancing floor plans to rethinking collaborative spaces with a safety-first mindset. By doubling down on health, safety, and well-being, facility leaders can shape positive human experiences in the post-COVID-19 workplace.

  • Nurture a safe culture with thoughtful communications and signage to influence foot traffic and reduce choke points
  • Evaluate health declarations and touchless technologies to reduce both the risk of transmission and the amount of maintenance required
  • Review updated guidance from agencies like the CDC, OSHA, and BOMA
  • Assess total cost of risk of health-related investments to justify capital improvements

Technology can help your FM do more with less

FM software can unify and automate your operations, asset & work order management, maintenance, and analytics to save you millions within 3 years. Leverage IoT sensors to capture real-time visibility into buildings, assets, transactions, and occupant health and performance remotely. The use of automation, intelligent routing, and mobile apps can keep your distributed, lean team operating efficiently while still cutting costs.

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